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Not The Only Summarizer, But Maybe the Most Novel.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Deposition Engine, our innovative deposition summarizer technology powered by the latest AI and Natural Language frameworks. It’s set to transform the legal industry, offering a streamlined approach to the laborious task of digesting or summarizing deposition transcripts in minutes at a fraction of the cost typically associated. 

Easy to Initiate

Easy to Initiate

Deposition Engine is securely hosted online, making it super easy for your Court Reporter to use, or maybe they’re just superhuman?

Speed Kills

Speed Kills

Our data processing agents sprint through hundreds of pages of Q&A pairs, condensing facts where relationships are uncovered.

Smart Presentation

Smart Presentation

Related Q&A Pairs are bundled and summarized, citing which page and line numbers were used to derive the summary.

Bundle Up

Bundle Up

A super clean HTML page is generated with no installation or internet connection needed. Summaries are presented with nested Q&A pairs folded under them as citations.

Maximize Your Time. Find What Matters Faster.

In the past, a partner faced days, or even weeks, of waiting to receive a high quality deposition summary, usually incurring significant cost to the client.

Now, with Deposition Engine, you can generate detailed deposition summaries in a few minutes, at a fraction of the traditional cost, freeing you up to focus on all the other case assignments you have on your calendar.

Discover More When You Omit Nothing.

All summarizations, whether human or machine-generated, omit the majority of the original content. Because summarization is a highly subjective work, important content can easily be left on the cutting room floor. 

We instead summarize relevant Q&A pairs, folding the original transcript text under the natural language curated summary block, that reads extraordinarily human for a machine- generated summarization. 

Works Everywhere. Really.

Summary engine completes its work in a few minutes, pipelining the original transcript text, along with the summarized question and answer pairs, into a highly compatible mobile package that can be emailed, sent by IM or shared from a storage repository. 

Deposition Engine requires no persistent internet connection, installation or training, so you can get to work with the summarization right away with most summarization tasks completed within 5 minutes. You don’t even need training to get started.

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